11 Gift Ideas for Dog Owners That Keep on Giving

11 Gift Ideas for Dog Owners That Keep on Giving

They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing – they provide unconditional love and attention, and owners love to repay that love in kind. So when your pet-loving friend has a birthday, housewarming party or finds a new fluffball to call their own, be ready with a gift that’ll bring them and their furry sidekick even closer:

iFetch products let your pup play fetch by himself

  1.  iFetch Ball Launcher

Nothing brings a dog owner greater satisfaction than seeing their little one having fun. And since owners can only play fetch for so long, it helps to have a replacement sometimes. ifetch products are the perfect way to fill the gap: these automatic ball launchers provide endless hours of doggy entertainment, without the owner even needing to be home. The best part? There’s one for every price range and all different sized dogs.


GameChanger is the ultra tough dog toy that will keep your pup entertained for hours

  1. Gamechanger Chew Toy

The Gamechanger is a chew toy perfect for hardwood floors. It bounces back as the dog chews, providing limitless entertainment. It can also be filled with treats for an added surprise.


Make meals a fun, rewarding puzzle for pups

  1. Paw 5 Rock n Bowl Dog Food Bowl

Help your pup-owning friend turn mealtime into a game with the Paw 5 Rock n Bowl. This puzzle of a dog food bowl rolls around to release food as a dog nudges it in the right directions.


Crazy Critter is a fun, safe toy for dogs

  1. Crazy Critter Stuffing-Free Dog Toy

While pet owners love to give their dogs their undivided attention, sometimes that’s just not possible. Gift an owner a toy that’ll occupy their pup’s time and you allow them to get some much-needed work done. The Crazy Critter is a stuffed toy, minus the stuffing! It’s perfect for pet owners with minimal time for cleanup when their dog inevitably chews the whole thing to shreds.


Auto Dog Mug lets your pup drink while on-the-go

  1. Auto Dog Mug & Auto Pup Cup

Adventurous owners who love to go hiking or jogging with their pets know they’re going to need to bring water along. The Auto Dog Mug or Auto Pup Cup cleverly eliminates the need for a bowl. You simply fill the bottle with water, squeeze to fill the funnel with water, and let go when your pup’s thirst is quenched. The water drains back into the bottle for no mess and no wasted water.


4_Polar Pooch_lifestyle_1024

  1. Polar Pooch Cooling Dog Pad

Whether it’s camping, to a picnic or cookout, the Polar Pooch is the perfect gift for owners who like to bring their dogs along everywhere. The pad acts as a cooling agent, activated when the dog lies down. Owners won’t have to worry about finding a cool spot for their dog to chill out – the portable pad reactivates after 15 seconds to keep the little guy refreshed all day.
Pooch Selfie lets you take the best pics of your pup!

  1. Pooch Selfie Smartphone for the best Dog Selfie

What dog owner doesn’t love to show off pictures of their pet? Since getting the right shot can be tricky, both owner and pet alike will love the Pooch Selfie Smartphone. Just clip it to the top of any smartphone or tablet – the attachable ball draws the dog’s attention, making for award-winning shots.


Clean your dogs with ease with Woof Washer

  1. Woof Washer the Easy to Use Dog Wash

Most dogs and owners alike dread bath time – no one wants to be the bad guy and make their pet uncomfortable. The Woof Washer makes it simple and easy. Owners simply connect Woof Washer to a hose, mix in soap and turn the water on. In less than a minute, two settings both wash and rinse the pooch, making for struggle-free, mess-free, and guilt-free baths.


Walk your dog safely at night with Nite Ize LED Dog Collar

  1. Nite Ize LED Dog Leash & Dog Collar

Day or night, dogs love the outdoors. The Nite Ize LED Dog Leash and Nite Ize Dog Collar allow owners to walk pets at night with safely and easily. They’ll never have to worry about other people or cars being able to spot their dog – this glow-in-the-dark leash and collar can be seen from 1,000 feet away.


Nite Ize Nitehowl LED Safety Necklace keeps pooches safe.

  1.  Night Ize NiteHowl LED Safety Dog Necklace

Nocturnal dog owners will love the clever and practical Night Ize NiteHowl. This glow-in-the-dark necklace can be seen up to 1,000 feet away and can be cut to a custom fit to fit even the tiniest of necks.


Up and Under Doggy Steps gives your pup a step up

  1. Under Doggy Steps

Is there anything better than snuggling up with a dog in bed or on the couch after a long day? They always know how to make everything right. Get your favorite owner a set of Under Doggy Steps for their small, young or old pup, and help make getting up to the couch or bed a little easier on cuddly companions. Both owners and pets will thank you.


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