Labor Day Weekend BBQ Ideas

Labor Day Weekend BBQ Ideas

Labor Day is around the corner and it's time to get geared up for that BBQ you'll be throwing. Are you prepared? We'll make sure you have all the last minute items you may have forgotten! Check out these fabulous weekend BBQ ideas.

BulbHead shares weekend BBQ ideas for your Labor Day weekend!


You're going to need all the essentials to make your party great: charcoal for the grill, utensils, condiments, ice, comfortable seating, trash bags, drinks, serving platters, and of course, all the food. Don't forget dessert!

Here at BulbHead, we have some extras that will give your Labor Day BBQ that little something extra. Best of all, if you order before 2 pm, orders ship the same day!

Chill Bar makes a wonderful addition to your Labor Day BBQ! Chill Bar

Chill Bar is an essential to any outdoor gathering, especially your Labor Day BBQ. This generously sized inflatable salad and buffet bar keeps condiments and drinks ice cold all afternoon long. Put anything you need to keep cool into Chill Bar: cans, bottles, dishes, and bowls.

Table Go Round instantly transforms any table! Perfect for your Labor Day BBQ. Table Go Round 

Embarrassed by your ugly table? Table Go Round fits over any table (even square or umbrella tables) to instantly give it the rich look of designer Italian tile. Table-Go-Round gives you a perfect custom fit and is completely secure. Regular tablecloths slide and slip, but Table Go Round fits securely like a fitted sheet. Dress up your old table and impress your guests in one shot.

Battle Balloons

Balloon Bonanza fills and ties 40 water balloons at once! No backyard BBQ is complete without a little water balloon fight! But with the rest of the BBQ preparation, you hardly have time to fill and tie all of those water balloons. That's where Battle Balloons Color Burst comes in. Simply attach Battle Balloons to the hose, fill over a bucket of water, and let the balloons drop. They're tied automatically! Fill up your balloons right before your water balloon fight and you're good to go.

What do you need to have the best BBQ ever? Share your BBQ ideas in the comments below!

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