Free Ideas for DIY Summer Fun

Free Ideas for DIY Summer Fun

Don't let summer slip away without a little backyard fun! We have put together a list of games and activities that are perfect for family and friends looking to make the most of this season's twilight. These "funtivities" are DIY, dollar store hacks or very affordable ways to encourage kids to get off the couch and start moving around.

Be healthy and happy this summer!

  • This isn't your grandmother's sidewalk chalk!

Forget hopscotch! You can use sidewalk chalk - available at most dollar stores and supermarkets - to create an obstacle course. Instead of a simple game of hop on "1, 2, 3...", you can create stations such as "Spin Around Twice", "Do a Somersault", "Make a Silly Face", "Jump as High as You Can" and "Do Ten Jumping Jacks While Holding Your Nose". Be silly. Be creative.

  • And speaking of obstacle courses...

Your old pool noodles are more useful than you think! Once they lose their ability to float due to holes, re-purpose your noodles as hurdles for wicket or races. Place two bamboo skewers in the ground, about three feet apart (farther apart for a lower hurdle, closer for higher), and then bend the noodles over them, hooking each open end over the skewers to form upside down "u's". Kids will love running under and over these hurdles. You can also kick or throw balls and beanbags through. Make a tunnel by placing noodles consecutively, or encourage running by spreading each hurdle wide apart.

  • Don't forget how to read and spell!

Those school-year lessons are fun with Lawn SCRABBLE®. We recommend using plywood in 12" by 12" squares to make the game pieces (2: J, K, Q, X, Z - 3: B, C, F, H, M, P, V, W, Y - 4: G - 5: L - 6: D, S, U - 8: N - 9: T, R - 11: O - 12: I - 13: A - 18: E). Cardboard or construction paper will work only on days with no wind. For added fun, craft your letters with paint and glitter. Then use your lawn as a spot to spell words like you would on the classic SCRABBLE board. Score yourself one point per letter.

  • Giant games don't have to have giant price tags

Try playing Twister with a little non-toxic spray paint in three shades. Paint some circles on your lawn, and voila! Spray paint yourself a tic tac toe board, or a giant Checkers board (and use two different colored paper plates for game pieces). You can also make a DIY KerPlunk giant game with some plywood, wire netting, garden stakes and ball pit balls. Use your giant imagination to create cheap but giant backyard fun.

Get cheap DIY game hacks for fun summer outdoor activities

We hope you have a fun-filled summer! Try Battle Balloons Color Burst before the nice weather runs out. Remember to fill the balloons over a bucket of water, right when you're ready to use.

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