Memorial Day Is Here! Let The Summer Fun Begin

Memorial Day Is Here! Let The Summer Fun Begin

Last year, over 36 million people were slated to travel 50+ miles from home on Memorial Day. Whether you’re staying close to home or going far afield to celebrate the “unofficial” start of summer, here are a few things to help you make this the most memorable Memorial Day yet!

For The Backyard

As cool spring weather gives way to warm summer days, the backyard becomes the hot place to be – literally. Cool off in an epically colorful way with easy-to-fill and fun-to-burst water balloons. Battle Balloons Color Burst is non-toxic, with non-staining food color that washes right out of clothes, so both kids and parents alike will love them:





Summer is for exploring with the whole family, whether at the beach, the park, hiking, camping, or more. Everyone knows no outdoor exploit is complete without the family dog, and the Woof Washer 360 makes it easy to wash your pup after adventuring gets a little dirty:





Things can get a little dry in the backyard over the summer, so the hose gets an extra workout. Make your life easier this year by upgrading to the #1 expandable hose in the world. The Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 never kinks, leaks, or tears, and is designed to stay sleek and fold up when not in use. It’s also super lightweight and actually puts itself away (now if only the kids would do that!).





For The Grill

Half of the fun of summer parties is grilling up your favorite foods, whether steaks, hot dogs, or kabobs. But once the sun goes down, it’s hard to figure out whether meat and other goodies have been cooked to perfection. Grillight Spatula and Tongs make nighttime grilling a snap:




Speaking of making the perfect kabobs, wouldn’t it be nice to use all that nice round space on your grill? Flexible Wire Skewers is the smart way to maximize grilling space so you can optimize deliciousness:



Memorial Day was created to commemorate those who fought for our country and way of life. It has become a time to celebrate the freedom we all enjoy, in part due to their sacrifice.

What better way to honor their contribution than by spending time with loved ones and enjoying the best of what we have? This Memorial Day, we support you in coming together with friends and family to enjoy some good old-fashioned, unabashed, all-American joy.

 Happy Memorial Day from all of us at BulbHead.

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