Close up of someone holding the Portable blender with fruit in it on white background. 3 glasses of different fruit smoothes are next to it
Close up of blades chopping pieces of fruit. Text says powerful blade, powerful: 22000rpm/20s ready
Close up of someone holding a Portable Blender and it shows the measurements. 10.2 inch (26cm) x 3.2 inch (8cm), 6.1 inch (15.5cm), image of someone wearing a backpack with a portable blender in the pocket, image of Portable Blender with fruit in it on a table. Text says cup weight: 0.49 pounds, blender weight: 1.3 pounds, easy to carry
Close up of Portable Blender with charging cable in it and a laptop and 2 blocks with usb ports. Text says USB adapter charging
4 images of woman slicing watermelon slices on a cutting board, then them pouring the bowl of slices into the Portable Blender bottle, Then pouring a cup of water into the Portable Blender with the fruit slices in it, then a close up of them holding the Portable Blender horizontally after the fruit has been blended
Multiple images of the different things that can be made with the Portable Blender; fresh juice, puree, milkshake, soy milk, bulletproof coffee, smoothies, salad dressing, baby food.
Portable Blender and the accessories it comes with on a white background. Usb cable, user manual, juice recipe book, juicer cup, cup bag, packing box

Portable Blender

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