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Car Net open isolated on white background
Car Net shown strung up between two front seats to prevent pets from entering front
A medium-hair dog with light blue eyes sits on the back seat, unable to reach the front. Car Net blocks its path
A white chihuahua and brown pomeranian sit in the back seat of a car. Car Net prevents them from jumping up front.
Close-ups of the different features: reinforced stitching, double net, clips to headrest
A black and white medium sized dog sits in the back seat wearing a red harness. He can't reach the front  because Car Net blocks his way.
Multiple images of dogs in cars behind a Car Net.
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Car Net

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  • Durable mesh net for car
  • Add between your front seats to prevent pets and kids from accessing the front
  • A must-have for all dog guardians!
  • Easily hooks to your headrest and bottoms of the front seats
  • Installs in seconds — just clip and go!
  • Stretchable mesh net fits virtually any vehicle, including cars and trucks
  • Made from durable polyester mesh fabric
  • Can be used as an easy storage solution to keep toys and items secured
  • Measures approximately 290-mm L X 240-mm W
  • Includes 1 Car Net


You love taking your dog on trips in the car, but when he tries to nudge himself between the front seats to be next to you, it can be a dangerous distraction. Car Net helps prevent your dog from entering the front seat from the rear. The durable polyester mesh net easily clips to your seats in seconds, creating a sturdy and breathable barrier. Car Net is stretchable so you can use it in virtually any vehicle! You’ll love being able to still see your dog’s adorable face in the back seat while preventing him from coming up front! This Car Net can even double up as a holding net for miscellaneous toys and stuff in your car! Say goodbye to things sliding all over your seats!


The Car Net measures approximately 290-mm long by 240-mm wide. These measurements were taken by hand, so please allow a 1-3 mm margin for measurements.

Car Net fits most vehicles!