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Pura Naturals Pet Tooth Cleaning System

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  • Durable foam applicator contains no petrochemicals and is soft yet firm enough to clean teeth without harming gums
  • Tooth Salts contain no artificial colors, flavors, or chemicals
  • Includes 2 reusable plant-based Pura-Finger applicators and All-Natural Tooth Salts
  • Once daily, sprinkle salts directly onto moist applicator, then gently cleanse teeth and gums
  • Rinse applicator with hot water between uses
  • 2 ounces (tooth salts)


Shiny teeth equal fresh breath and better overall health for your dog when you brush daily with this vegan-friendly Pura Naturals Pet Tooth Cleaning System. Reusable Pura-Finger foam applicator makes it easy to scrub away plaque and other debris with the all-natural Tooth Salts.