Turn Any Furniture Leg Into Scratching Post

Cat Scratch Mat



Product Highlights

  • VELCRO WRAP: wrap around any table leg, secured with Velcro, to create a healthy place for kitty to scratch; or attach to the wall.
  • SISAL: covered in natural sisal that gives your cat a place of his own to scratch and exercise his claws and stretch his toes.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Cat Scratch Mat.

More Details

Wrap this around a table or chair leg with Velcro and let your cat go wild scratching – without mangling your furniture. Install the sisal scratch mat upright on a wall or lay it flat on the floor to give your adorable furball a more appropriate spot for sharpening claws.

• The perfect solution for indoor claw sharpening
• Rough natural sisal is irresistible to cats’ feet
• Wrap around furniture legs with Velcro, hang on a wall, or lay on floor
• Also makes a great mat under food bowls
• Made from sisal with black edging
• Measures 17.6”L x 11.9”W

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