Say Good-Bye To Crumpled Collars!

Collar Perfect Travel Iron


Collar Perfect, LLC

Product Highlights

  • 6 HEAT SETTINGS: suitable to use on polyester, silk, denim, cotton, and linen.
  • DUAL IRONING POSITIONS: perfect for quick touch-ups or larger jobs.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Collar Perfect Travel Iron.

More Details

Effortlessly press collars, pockets, between buttons, pant creases, skirt hems and more, anywhere. Perfect for business travelers, Collar Perfect allows for both spot treatments as well as larger surface ironing, with no need for an ironing board.

• Small, lightweight, and compact
• 6 temperature settings: Poly, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Denim, and Linen
• Dual ironing positions for quick touch-ups or larger surface areas
• Comes with flip-out wings for larger, traditional ironing when you need it
• Built-in support for 110V or 220V power requirements
• Made of plastic, with metal-heated pads on wings
• Closed: 5.25" x 3.3" x 1.5"; Flaps extend to 6.5"
• Weighs 0.81 lb.

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