Blood Pressure Monitor With Color-Coded Alert System – Now In Platinum!

Deluxe Color Doctor Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product Highlights

  • COLOR-CODED: alerts are color-coded like traffic light for fool-proof reading.
  • DELUXE UPGRADE: stylish platinum (black) color with a color-coordinated travel case.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Deluxe Color Doctor blood pressure monitor.

More Details

Monitoring blood pressure is a vital part of maintaining health. Now there’s an easy and accurate way to check blood pressure. Color Doctor® is a clinically-tested portable blood pressure monitor that utilizes a color-coded alert system. It’s easy to use. Simply fit on your wrist and press the start button. In less than a minute, Color Doctor® will display a clear and accurate blood pressure reading. The color-coded alerts are like a traffic signal. Green normal blood pressure, yellow notes elevated blood pressure (prehypertension), and red alerts you of high blood pressure. Color Doctor™ also reads your heart rate and alerts you of an irregular heartbeat. It serves as the perfect blood pressure log, storing up to 90 readings or two individuals, plus the time and date. Share your results with your health care professional to note changes or irregularities. Color Doctor® allows you to check blood pressure daily and its portable design is perfect for travel.

  • Clear and accurate blood pressure reading
  • Logs readings with date and timestamp
  • Stores up to 90 readings or 2 individuals
  • Color-coded alert system
  • Reads heart rate
  • Irregular heart beat alert
  • Great for all ages and everyday use


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    • Deluxe Color Doctor Blood Pressure Monitor $49.99 $29.99

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