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Cool Turtle Mask Enhancer - 30 Pack + 10 (4-ply) Face Masks
Close up of woman's hands holding a black face mask with a Cool Turtle under it. Headline says Simply Slide Under Any Non-Medical Face Mask
Cool Turtle on white background with its measurements. 4 x 3.25 x 2.75 x 1. Text says "1 size fits most"
Close up of man's hand holding a Cool Turtle under running water. Headline says "Just Wash and Reuse"
Woman wearing a mask showing a demonstration of Cool Turtle underneath the mask transparently. Headline says "Creates a Breathable Pocket of Air Between Your Mask & Face"
Woman wearing pink face mask. Headline says "Breathe Easier and More Comfortable While Wearing Your Mask!"
Woman wearing gray face mask. Headline says "Fits Men and Women"
Man wearing gray gaiter and you can see outline of a Cool Turtle underneath. Headline says "Works Great Under Gaiters!"
Woman wearing face mask standing in front of a white board with writing on it giving a presentation
Woman wearing face mask. Text says "Real Customer Testimonial. "I can actually breathe!" - 1st Time User"
Man wearing black face mask. Text says "Real Customer Testimonial. "I put it on, it's away from my face, and I can breathe!" - Real Customer Testimonial"
Creates A Breathable Pocket of Air!

When you add Cool Turtle, you'll turn any mask into a breathe easy mask! Cool Turtle creates a refreshing pocket of air that helps you breathe better. You don't have to worry about your mask flattening against your face with every breath you take.


Add Cool Turtle to any non-medical face mask, reusable mask, cloth mask, or gaiter. You'll love how easily Cool Turtle fits under any adult-sized mask or gaiter!


Ergonomically designed to fit over the tip of your nose and rest comfortably just below your lower lip. The flexible plastic mask insert molds comfortably to your face for easy all-day wear.


Cool Turtle washes with soap and water by hand and can be reused over and over again, saving you money! Since you get multiple Cool Turtles per pack, you'll be able to use a fresh one for each day you go out!


No one likes that hot, humid pressure under their mask that can lead to skin irritation. Cool Turtle face mask insert immediately reduces mask friction that allows you to breathe and take in a comfortable environment!


Regular face masks are not lipstick or lip balm friendly. Cool Turtle acts like a lipstick guard for a face mask, lift the fabric away from your lips so there's no sticking, smearing, or removal of your lip product.


Masks against your mouth muffle your speech, making it difficult for others to hear what you're saying. With Cool Turtle, you'll be able to speak clearly with the pocket of space between your mask and your mouth.



  • Comfortable mask enhancer
  • Lifts your mask from your face to create a breathable space
  • Easily fits under your non-medical mask or gaiter
  • Fits adult men and woman
  • Helps reduce mask friction on your skin
  • A must if you wear lip balms, lipstick, or lip ointments
  • Ergonomically-designed and flexible to fit comfortably over your mouth and nose
  • Washable and reusable, saving you money!
  • Helps you speak easier
  • Say goodbye to embarrassing wet spots on your mask!
  • Includes (6) 5-Pack Cool Turtle Mask Enhancers and (10) electrostatic 4 ply face masks



It’s important to wear a face mask, but they can get so sticky and gross with prolonged wear. Now you can enjoy a fresh pocket of air underneath your mask with the Cool Turtle mask enhancer. This ultra-comfortable mask support insert lifts your mask from your face and creates a breathable space. Wear it under your non-medical face mask or gaiter! It’s so easy to use, too. Just slide the face mask insert under the fabric to immediately feel a refreshing pocket of air your mouth and nose, helping you breathe better. With prolonged wear, face coverings can cause skin irritation from hot, humid air trapped underneath. Cool Turtle’s ergonomically-designed soft, comfortable shell immediately reduces mask friction, allowing you to breathe and talk in a comfortable environment. Miss wearing lipstick? Lip balm creating a nasty mess on your mask? Not with Cool Turtle. This mask support insert lifts your mask from your lips so you can look and feel great! Cool Turtle mask frame helps you stay dry, cool, and comfortable all day long.

Disclaimer: The Cool Turtle product is intended for use with non-medical masks only. Do not use for any medical purposes.

*Product design may vary



Cool Turtle is supposed to rest just over the tip of your nose and just under your lower lip, above the chin. It is not intended to cover your chin at all.

Cool Turtle is one-size-fits-most and fits adult faces.

Yes! Simply wash Cool Turtle by hand with soap and water and allow to air dry, then reuse!