Saves Time & Reduces the Mess During Food Prep

Disposable Cutting Board



Product Highlights

  • NO SCISSORS REQUIRED: easy-slide cutter is built right into the box to you can cut the perfect plastic sheet cutting board
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CUTTING BOARD: cut as much or as little as you need, saving space and time
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Disposable Cutting Board (12" W X 25’ L)

More Details

Hate dragging out your heavy wood cutting board or stinky plastic cutting board when you just need to mince a clove of garlic? Or how about slicing an apple for the kiddo’s lunch? Keeping various cutting boards of different sizes and materials is wasteful of space. Plus, who really wants to dig around under the cabinet for cutting board size you need? Disposable Cutting Board saves you time. The customizable cutting board lets you cut the perfect size plastic sheet you need. It’s perfect for apartments with minimal counter space, camping, RVs, dorms, and more. You can even keep in your desk at work so you’ll always have a cutting surface to slice fresh lemon for your water. The bendable plastic sheet lets you easily transfer food to your food prep bowl or pan. Why drag out that heavy, cumbersome carving board when you have a small food prep job?

  • Disposable plastic cutting board
  • Easy to cut with built-in sliding cutter
  • Sanitary alternative
  • Perfect for daily meal prep and cooking
  • Great for travel, camping, tailgating, and dorms
  • Maximizes functionality while minimizing the mess
  • Cut a custom size sheet, no scissors needed
  • Disposable for mess-free cleanup
  • Durable textured surface won’t dull knives
  • Get the size you need every time
  • Roll measures 12" wide X 25’ long
  • Includes one (1) Disposable Cutting Board

                                                                      CAN I USE THIS OVER MY EXISTING CUTTING BOARD?
                                                                      Yes, you can use Disposable Cutting Board as a barrier over your existing cutting board, which is especially useful when cutting raw meat.

                                                                      WILL THE DISPOSABLE CUTTING BOARD SLIP AROUND ON MY COUNTERTOPS
                                                                      Disposable Cutting Board shouldn’t slip on your counters, as it has a durable, textured surface to keep it in place.

                                                                      CAN I REUSE THE CUT PIECES?
                                                                      Simply wash the cut pieces of Disposable Cutting Board in soapy water and allow to dry – or just cut a new piece!

                                                                      IS DISPOSABLE CUTTING BOARD’S PLASTIC RECYCLABLE?
                                                                      Since each municipality is different, we suggest contacting your town or local recycling company to double-check.