A Classic Set With A Chic Twist

Final Touch Conundrum Decanter & Glasses

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Product Highlights

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: enhances flavor and aroma of wine, providing superior aeration and oxygenation.
  • 4 PCS: be the hostess with the mostest with this unique decanter and 4 glasses.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Final Touch Conundrum Decanter & Glasses.

More Details

This classic set includes both a decanter and four chic wine glasses whose curves provide comfortable finger placement. When wine is poured into the decanter, it travels strategically around the curves, providing superior aeration and oxygenation that is reinforced when poured for a second time into the glasses.

• Unique design enhances both flavor & aroma of wine
• Large spout for easy filling and smooth pouring
• Includes 1 decanter (750 mL) and 4 red wine glasses (16 oz)
• Decanter measures 5.3" W x 11.4" H
• Glasses measure 3.75” W x 4.7”
• Dishwasher-safe
• Made of hand-blown glass and brushed stainless steel base on decanter base

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