Tackle Those Tough Odors For Good

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

$14.99 – $24.99


Product Highlights

  • MOLECULAR: breaks down odors on a molecular level for elimination.
  • WORKS 24/7: works continuously for persistent and extra-tough odors while remaining safe for people and pets.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel.

More Details

This odor-removing gel tackles even the toughest of odors — smoke, paint, pets, bathrooms, mildew, food, trash, even skunk! Simply place the gel container where odors are strongest; ambient airflow will evaporate the crystals inside, negating negative smells.

• Eliminates odors by breaking down their molecular structure
• Works 24/7 for constant or persistent odors
• Safe for people and pets with allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions
• Can be used outdoors or indoors, including in workshops or vehicles
• Once crystals evaporate, container will be empty and ready for refill
• 15 oz jar lasts 60-90 days
• No harsh chemicals or fragrances (all non-toxic, natural ingredients)

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