The Easy Way To Open Tough Medicine Bottles

Medicine Bottle Opener



Product Highlights

  • PERFECT FOR WEAK HANDS: gives extra grip that’s perfect for those suffering from arthritis, injury, or weak hands and wrists.
  • NON-SLIP WITH MAGNIFYER: nonslip plastic grip give extra leverage, and included built-in 4x magnifier helps you read tiny print.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Medicine Bottle Opener.

More Details

Perfect for hands weakened from arthritis, illness, or injury, this clever opener helps you open and read pill bottles of most any size. Its soft, nonslip plastic grips give your hands extra leverage, and it includes a built-in 4x magnifier to help you read tiny print.

  • Made from soft, lightweight, nonslip plastic
  • Fits over most smooth and ribbed pill bottle caps

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