Create Perfect Biscuits Any Size

Progressive Biscuit Cutters



Product Highlights

  • DOUBLE-SIDED: each biscuit cutter is double-sided so you can make biscuits with scalloped or solid edges.
  • NESTING: dishwasher-safe cutters nest neatly in a drawer or cabinet taking up little space.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) set Progressive Biscuit Cutters.

More Details

Cut perfect biscuits in any size! This set of 7 Biscuit Cutters is double-sided so you can make straight or scalloped edges. The cutters’ extra sharp rims slice cleanly through dough, bread, or pieces of produce (like pineapple), and deep sides mean they’re sure to get all the way through whatever you’re cutting. Perfect for biscuits, pie dough, sandwiches and cookies. All the pieces nest neatly inside one another for pretty and convenient storage.

• Reversible: smooth and fluted edges on each cutter.
• Each cutter diameter is clearly printed on the side.
• Set of 7.
• Comes in bright assorted colors.
• Cutter sizes range from 1½” (3.8 cm) to 3⅞” (9.8 cm).
• Dishwasher-safe.

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