Easily Boil Water Without Your Stove

Progressive Microwave Tea Kettle



Product Highlights

  • MICROWAVE TEA KETTLE: boil hot water for your tea right in your microwave.
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN: design prevents overheating while keeping its handles cool to touch.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Progressive Microwave Tea Kettle.

More Details

Savor a cup of hot tea, cocoa, or instant soup at home, work, or on the road with this Whistling Microwave Tea Kettle. It’s a great solution for small kitchens, dorm rooms, and motorhomes.

• Whistles to indicate when water has reached the boiling point
• Liquid heats up in glass insert
• Design prevents overheating and leaves handles cool to the touch
• BPA free. Made from high-heat PP, silicone, and glass
• Dishwasher safe
• Measures 6”L x 4”W x 7”H. Holds approximately 25 ounces (739 ml)