Open Your Garage Door From Anywhere!

Smart Garage Door Opener



Product Highlights

  • GARAGE DOOR OPENER REMOTE: smart device allows you to open and close your garage door from your smart phone
  • REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS: get notified when you garage door opens, closes, or is left open
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Smart Garage Door Opener

More Details

Forget to close your garage door? Always be in the know with our Smart Garage Door Opener! The garage door opener allows you to open your garage door from any smartphone. Receive notifications for when the garage door is open, closed, and left open. Additionally, you can set up customized notifications for you and your family, so you’re not bombarded with a slew of alerts when everyone gets home in the evening. How many times has your kid forgot his/her keys at home? With Smart Garage Door Opener, they can let themselves in from their phone – and you receive the notification to see that they arrived safely. Smart Garage Door Opener is compatible with most garage door openers. It works with your current garage door opener and garage door remote control.

  • Wireless & WiFi enabled
  • Compatible with Key by Amazon, garage delivery for Prime members
  • Open and close garage door from anywhere with smartphone
  • Smart notifications for door open, closed, or left open
  • Customize alerts based on family’s needs
  • Compatible with most brands of garage door openers
  • Gives you control over your garage door
  • Includes one(1) Smart Garage Door Opener

                                          Yes, it simply allows you to check your garage door and remotely open and close it via your smartphone.

                                          HOW MANY GARAGE DOORS DOES ONE SENSOR CONTROL?
                                          Smart Garage Door Opener can control 2 garage doors. If you have more garage doors, you will need to add a second Smart Garage Door Opener.

                                          WHAT GARAGE DOORS IS SMART GARAGE DOOR OPENER COMPATIBLE WITH?
                                          Smart Garage Door is compatible with the following garage doors:

                                          • Chamberlain, Craftsman, and Liftmaster manufactured after 1993 with yellow, purple, orange/red, or green program/learn button
                                          • Genie and Overhead Door – manufactured after 1996
                                          • Raynor with yellow, purple, orange, green, and red program/learn button
                                          • Linear that uses MegaCode technology
                                          • Stanley that have a power button and uses SecureCoe technology
                                          • Wayne Dalton including Classic Drive, DoorMaster, iDrive, ProDrive, and Quantam
                                          • Also works on Access Master, AssureLink, BuildMark, Master Mechanic, Do-It, Garage Access, and True Value

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