Tripod Sprinkler Expands Water Coverage

Tripod Base



Product Highlights

  • ADJUSTABLE SPRINKLER COVERAGE: sprays up to 90-ft in diameter & is adjustable for partial to full 360º watering
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTIONmade with heavy-duty brass to withstand high water pressure and severe weather conditions
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Tripod Base lawn sprinkler

More Details

Conveniently give your large lawn and raised plant beds a drink of water with one device. Tripod Base easily attaches to your garden hose so you can create the ultimate lawn sprinkler. Extend the legs to reach a greater area and water above plants. Tripod Base covers up to 90-feet in diameter and a total of 6,361 square feet. Thanks to heavy duty brass construction, the garden sprinkler withstands high water pressure and sever conditions. Different plants have different needs. Now you can cater to your plant’s needs with Tripod Base. Easily alter the water stream using the deflector and diffuser screw, which can change the spray radius 20-45 feet! With ergonomically designed clamps, you can easily adjust the tripod without the hassle. Get Tripod Base now for the changing needs of your plants that are growing.

  • Tripod sprinkler
  • Sprays 90-ft, covering 6,361 sq. ft.
  • Heavy-duty brass construction
  • Withstands high water pressure
  • Adjust coverage from 0º to 360º of watering
  • Customizable stream with deflector & diffuser screw to change radius between 20-45 feet
  • Perfect for large lawns and raised plant beds
  • Brass head sprays distance of up to 100-ft
  • Legs adjust 25-inches to 48-inches
  • Ergonomically designed clamps for adjustment without the hassle
  • Gooseneck hose attachment
  • Folds up to compact size for easy storage
  • Includes one (1) Tripod Base

                                      CAN I USE TRIPOD BASE FOR MY DSLR CAMERA?
                                      Tripod Base is specifically designed for garden hoses to deliver water to lawns and plants.

                                      DO I NEED TO TURN THE TRIPOD ON AND OFF?
                                      After you attach your hose to the Tripod Base, you’ll turn the water on from the spigot. There’s nothing to turn on or off on the Tripod Base.

                                      CAN I ADJUST THE HEIGHT OF THE LEGS?
                                      Yes, Tripod Base’s legs adjust from 25-inches to 48-inches heigh.