Exercise & Maintain Your Form Comfortably

Yoga Mat



Product Highlights

  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM: made with 1/2-inch high density foam that cushions your hips, spine, elbows, and knees on hard surfaces
  • MUST-HAVE YOGA EQUIPMENT: our Yoga Mat is a fundamental piece of must-have yoga equipment
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Yoga Mat with FREE yoga strap

More Details

Whether you’re perfecting your downward dog or working your abs with a series of crunches, your hard floor hurts. It can cause you to slip out of form, which can have dire consequences. Comfortably keep your exercise and yoga form with our Yoga Mat. The non slip mat features a double-sided non-slip surface so it won’t budge on your floor and keeps your body in place. Made with high-density foam, Yoga Mat cushions your every move. Made with moisture-resistant technology, Yoga Mat sanitizes easily so your exercise mat is always fresh and clean. Unlike other thick yoga mats, our Yoga Mat releases its curl and flattens within minutes, so you can focus on exercising and stretching, not fighting with your yoga mat!

  • Extra-thick, high-density foam mat
  • All-purpose – perfect for yoga and exercise
  • Anti-tear
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Perfect for people of all shapes and sizes
  • Provides cushion to spine, hips, knees, and elbows when used on hard surfaces
  • Double-sided non-slip mat
  • Easily washes with soap and water
  • FREE yoga strap for easy transport
  • 71" L X 24" W X 0.5" D
  • Includes one (1) Yoga Mat and FREE yoga strap

                                                    DOES ANY PARTICULAR SIDE NEED TO FACE UP (RIBBED VS. FLAT)?
                                                    The flat surface should face your floor while the ribbed surface is the one you exercise on.

                                                    DOES YOGA MAT CONTAIN LATEX?
                                                    Yoga Mat is made of high-density foam, which does not include latex.

                                                    WILL YOGA MAT SLIDE ON MY CARPET?
                                                    Yoga Mat has a double-sided non-slip grip on both sides of the mat. It should not slip on the carpet. 

                                                    DOES THE MAT REMAIN CURLED DURING USE?
                                                    Yoga Mat naturally curls from being rolled during shipping and storage. However, the curl will flatten itself out after the mat has been unrolled, usually within a few minutes.

                                                    HOW DOES THE YOGA STRAP ATTACH TO THE MAT?
                                                    The yoga strap opens and closes via Velcro closure, so you’ll never have to struggle with slipping the mat into the strap.