Are Anti Glare Glasses Worth it?

Are Anti Glare Glasses Worth it?

If you’re like one of the millions of people around the globe who rock a pair of specs, chances are you’ve noticed how infuriating those little reflections can be with your lenses. 

These annoying glares distract not only you while wearing them, but they also have a way of stealing most of the attention away from your eyes. And seeing as the eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, we’d say this is a serious problem!

Thankfully, as technology experienced a whole lot of growth over the years, so did the optics industry. Today, almost anything you can imagine to make your lenses a bit more comfortable is possible. 

Of all the innovative advances, anti-glare coating for glasses is one that’s become extremely popular. But despite their cult following leading to their quick rise to fame, many people still can’t help but wonder, “Are they worth it?”

Read on to find out:

First Things First: What Are Anti Glare Glasses? 

Known under many different monikers, including anti-reflective, AR, no-glare, and glare-free, anti-glare glasses are all the rage these days — and it’s easy to see why. 

These beloved specs have special lenses with a unique coating that reduces the reflection of light. 

In imaging systems like a camera, anti-glare coatings greatly enhance the efficiency of the system at hand. Also used for other optical elements like a telescope or microscope, these coatings can improve the contrast of an image simply by removing stray light.

So, with that in mind, for anti-glare glasses that work by removing pesky reflections, your peepers become much more visible behind the lens, giving you enhanced visibility. 

Hold Up — How Exactly Do They Work? 

To understand how anti-glare glasses work today, let’s take a quick trip back in time to the not-so-great anti-glare glasses of yesterday, shall we? 

Back in the day, anti-glare glasses were indisputably terrible and often seemed more like a hindrance than an advantage. Not only did they come with a pretty hefty price tag, but they smudged easily and constantly needed to be cleaned. The coatings peeled off in a matter of days, giving them a serious durability problem, and they scratched easily too.

Due to these undeniably irritating past concerns, it’s really no wonder why anti-glare glasses received such a bad rep. However, just as we grew out of our awkward middle school years, these too have experienced a major “glow-up.” 

The new generation of anti-glare glasses are insanely durable, tough as nails (ok, maybe not that tough), and provide superior vision that is second to none. 

What’s more, with the incredible improvements in optic technology, the coating is no longer a “coating” but is actually infused or “baked” directly onto the lens matrix. This is a huge step-up from past versions.

Composed of many layers of metal oxides applied to the front and sometimes the back surface of the lens, this ingenious layering effect reduces reflected light while allowing more light to be transmitted through the lens. As a result, our vision is improved by reducing the amount of glare that bounces off our lenses. 

What’s So Bad About Glare? 

In this ever-growing digital age, glare is a constant annoyance in daily life. Most of us spend hours and hours in front of a screen, whether that be digital screens from computers, smartphones, tablets, or TVs. 

While this may not seem like that big of a deal, the truth is that our eyes were not designed to sustain focus in one place for that long of a time. So, as a result — they get tired and respond to glare by getting red and sore.

But that’s not all; glare can cause a number of damaging issues, such as:

-Increased eye strain
-Poor vision in low light settings
-Headaches or migraines
-Rings or “halos” around bright lights

    Thankfully, rocking a pair of anti-glare specs like Atomic Beam’s BattleVision Polarized Anti-Glare Glasses can help battle the glare so you can see clearly when it matters most! 

    Made with high-tech polarized lenses, BattleVision helps you see things with the naked eye that you normally wouldn’t be able to. Put them on, and you’ll instantly eliminate glare, enhance color, and give your peepers some much-needed UV protection. 

    What Are The Benefits? 

    When you rock a pair of anti-glare specs like BattleVision, you’ll immediately see the benefits. 

    While there are many, here are just a few of the top advantages of anti-glare glasses:

    Benefit #1: Improved Visual Clarity 

    Designed to prevent glare, these innovative glasses can improve the way you see the world. With just a little extra light passing through, these lenses kick that pesky glare to the curb.

    This allows you to have crystal-clear vision on the job, around the house, in the classroom, and behind the wheel. 

    Benefit #2: Look Good and Feel Good

    By eliminating unattractive reflections from your lenses, anti-glare coatings allow others to finally see you without that infuriatingly pesky glare taking the spotlight from your beautiful eyes.

    Whether you’re posing for a selfie, going live on social media, or on a video call with a friend, you can feel confident that your eyes shine bright, and the only glaring thing is how glaringly cool you look.

    Benefit #3: Superior Comfort 

    Less glare doesn’t just mean clearer vision, but more comfort, too. 

    With anti-glare glasses, your eyes won’t have to work so hard to see clearly, meaning you’ll be less likely to experience eye strain. This is especially important if your peepers are glued to a screen for long periods of time throughout the day. 

    In addition to fighting glare, anti-glare specs usually fight the harmful effects of the sun, too. You see, the more your vulnerable eyes are exposed to the sun, the greater your risk of developing a multitude of eye conditions later on in life. Look for top-quality anti-glare glasses like BattleVision that are designed with UV protection. 

    On top of the incredible benefits above, you may notice your digital device usage gets easier since your eyes are less strained, helping you to work longer and more effectively. 

    So, Are Anti-Glare Glasses Worth It? 

    If you asked us ten years ago, chances are we’d tell you no. 

    Back in their infancy, anti-glare glasses typically didn’t last more than a few months. They smudged easily and constantly needed to be cleaned. The special coating was especially delicate, peeling off quickly and getting scratched effortlessly. 

    Not to mention the pretty penny needed to pay in order to own a pair, for most four-eyed individuals, anti-glare glasses we’re more of a disadvantage and often left in drawers to collect dust.  

    Thankfully, the spectacle gods heard our prayers, and after years of improvements, we’d say anti-glare glasses are, without a doubt — totally worth it

    From improving visual clarity to enhancing appearance, these revolutionary specs are a serious game-changer. But despite what you may think, they’re not all created equal. When shopping for anti-glare glasses, stick with a company you can trust, like BulbHead!

    What makes our company so special boils down to our incredible team of researchers who tirelessly scour the internet far and wide to track down the best products on the market — so you don’t have to.

    Whether you’re trying to find a superior pair of anti-glare glasses to combat eye strain or searching high and low for binoculars that will allow you to see clearly in the dark, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve already done the grunt work for you to provide smart solutions that are beyond compare.

    You see, at BulbHead, we’re much more than the Home of Bright Ideas. We’re also the home of practical solutions that actually work. 

    Check us out today and see how we can make life a little simpler tomorrow!



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