7 Unique Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

7 Unique Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

It's almost time for Kris Kringle to make his grand appearance. Odds are, you've been really busy living your best life as a Christmas elf and sharing your holiday season spirit. You've decked the halls, baked the chocolate chip cookies, and are just about done wrapping all the presents — what's left to do? 

Sure, you could kick up your feet and sip on a soul-warming mug of hot cocoa while admiring your work, but it's the most magical time of the year. And, sadly, the outside of your house is looking pretty lackluster, to say the least.

Time to roll up your sleeves and untangle the lights — you've still got some Christmas cheer installation to do!

During the holidays, there's just about nothing better than outdoor strands of Christmas lights that sparkle and shine. It brings so much jolly cheer to the outside of your home, brightening everyone's day who passes by (literally). We also love to be just a little bit different, creating a unique magical atmosphere that turns heads and drops jaws. 

Wondering how we do it? With unique outdoor Christmas lights, that's how! 

If you're hoping to fill your yard with fun holiday lights that will leave all the neighbors speechless, then you're in the right place.

Here are seven unique outdoor Christmas lights ideas from yours truly, BulbHead. 

But First, Who’s Bright Idea Was It To Start Putting Christmas Lights On Houses? 

While we have Germany’s decorating traditions to thank for the iconic Christmas tree. Specifically, a local Denver electrician named D.D Sturgeon is the genius behind outdoor Christmas lights. 

Yup, it's true — back in 1914, Sturgeon was on a mission to cheer up his sick child and had the bright idea (pun totally intended) to dip some lightbulbs in red and green paint before stringing them on an evergreen tree in the front yard. 

To his surprise, however, it wasn't just his little one who loved the warm glow of that thoughtful idea but the entire neighborhood. And thanks to the coverage of a Denver Post reporter, people came far and wide to get a glimpse of what everyone believed to be the first illuminated outdoor Christmas tree. 

Then, the following year, Sturgeon's neighbors decided to add a little holiday cheer to their own homes and decorated their trees, too. 

Fast-forward to a few years later, and the OG reporter who brought the heart-warming story to everyone's attention organized a lighting contest, with hundreds of Denver residents participating.

And in 1919, Denver's Civic Center was decked out with Christmas lights, illuminating the path (and driveways and fences) for the rest of the country's decorators to follow suit. 

Today, outdoor Christmas lights are a beloved holiday tradition that grows bigger and brighter each and every year. From elaborate light displays set to music and classic white lights that dazzle, transforming the outdoors with Christmas lighting is a fun and simple way to spread holiday cheer.     

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas That Are Anything But Basic

Have you ever driven past a house that's fully decked out for the holidays, causing you to stop in your tracks and wonder how in the world the owner achieved such an immaculate feat? While we love simplicity every once in a while, it's the unique outdoor set of lights that are the most memorable!

Don't be basic and forgettable this year. Check out some of these unique, best outdoor Christmas lights ideas below:

Create A Christmas Walkway 

What better way to start our outdoor holiday lighting adventure than by the front door? 

Illuminate the way to the wreath hanging on your front door by lining the walkway with large, bright, outdoor Christmas lights. Go colorful with multicolored strands of lights, or go minimal with warm white lights.

Do you live in an area where icicles naturally form on your shingles? If you don't, that's no matter: Icicle lights are the extra bulbs you didn't know you needed!

This unique bulb shape looks like ice is dripping down your roofline. Hang them from your gutters or from the spruces and firs in your front yard for a totally unique landscape.  

 You could also opt for lighted candy cane lights for an extra dose of holiday cheer. The choice is yours!

Paint Your House In Festive Lights 

We'll be honest... This idea is a bit tedious and requires some dedication. But the outcome is just so beautiful; we promise it'll be well worth it. Essentially, you're treating your outdoor Christmas lights like paint and color blocking your house with them. 

Simply grab lights in a multitude of festive colors and get to it — cover the walls in green, rim your windows in red, and blanket the roof in white for the full Christmas makeover. 

Make sure you don't end up with a "worst Christmas ever" situation. Before you start decorating, test the power cords and outlets you'll be using. 

Put Net Lights On The Bushes 

Not sure what to do with those boring bushes out front? While you could just cover them in lights and call it a day, we've got a better idea.

Consider this:

Trim them into spheres to give your bushes a floating appearance. Then, dress them in net lights with red, green, and white colors. These mini lights come in incandescent bulbs or as LED lights: it's up to your personal preferences.

Perfect for the trendy chic house on the block! 

Shower Your Home With Laser Lights

Want to really impress your friends? Make this year extra special and take your home from dark to dazzling with the amazing Star Shower Motion. Watch thousands of tiny festive laser light stars dance right before your eyes by clicking the Motion Activator Button. 

This can be the perfect addition to add a little Christmas magic to your entryway or patio. The Star Shower Motion includes two light choices, sparkling red and green or all green. It has two modes: choose between dancing or still lights to accommodate the mood of any occasion. No matter what you choose, this plug-and-play projector is sure to impress.   

You can even use this light projector for indoor lighting for a holiday party decoration that makes us say, "Fairy lights, who?"

Add Music To The Mix 

Christmas lights displays are a great treat for your eyes, but you can stimulate other senses, too.

Consider adding holiday music to your lights display to bring a whole new dimension of entertainment — especially if you can coordinate the flashing of the lights with the music!

Whether you stick to the classics or play new hits, there's no denying that adding music to the mix will surely make your outdoor Christmas lights display one to remember. 

Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Tree 

If you're lucky enough to have evergreens or pines in your yard, then why not create an awesome outdoor Christmas tree decked out in twinkling lights? String lights throughout the branches to create a vision that even Santa Clause would be proud of! 

-Pro Tip: For a brighter effect, string a few Christmas tree lights on the interior branches instead of draping them on the exterior branches. Trust us; you'll thank us later.   

    Frame Your Windows With Sparkly Lights

    Take your Christmas lights display game to the next level by creating new and exciting frames for your windows using the power of festive light.

    Get your hands on some malleable string lights and wall clips. Then, sketch out the shape on the exterior wall around your window before clipping the lights firmly in place. 

    Do just a few windows or frame all of them. It's up to you. 

    Ready To Raise the Light Stakes?

    Whether you're trying to win a Christmas lighting competition or simply on a mission to spread a little holiday cheer, the seven ideas we listed above are sure to turn your ordinary house into a wintery wonderland that's nothing short of extraordinary.

    From net lights and glowing walkways to outdoor Christmas trees and Star Shower Motion, these ideas are sure to impress. Bulbhead is the number one home for the best and brightest ideas, so we know a thing or two about shining bright.  

    A place where you're sure to find something for everyone, you can always count on BulbHead to have the very latest in home goods, health products, and products with a “wow” factor. Our incredible team of researchers searches tirelessly throughout the world for the right products to provide you with smart solutions for everyday problems. 

    Let’s be honest: the internet has a million options for necessities and fun-sesseities —that's why we've made BulbHead a unique experience that has you coming back and sharing it with others.



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