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  • For Men and Women
  • Just 10 Minutes a Day
  • Faster the Minoxidil (Rogaine®)
  • Faster than Finasteride (Propecia®)
  • Faster than Laser
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Hair Loss:
A Widespread Concern

Nearly 185 million Americans are touched by hair loss, with many mistakenly viewing it as just a male issue. The truth? Almost 74 million women and around 111 million men grapple with it. Robin's Egg and Eggagen are here to help. Rediscover fuller, healthier hair and regain your confidence. Your journey starts now.


Eggagen. The Future of Healthy,
Radiant Hair

Eggagen™, meticulously crafted by scientists, is the future of hair health. Harnessing the power of Egg Collagen, it targets the root causes of thinning hair, promoting thicker, stronger, and faster growth. 100% natural and drug-free, see remarkable results in just 3-6 months. When you use Eggagen™ combined with our advanced Robin Egg™ cap, you will enter a future where healthy, radiant hair is your reality.

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Thicker Fuller Hair for Men and Women.


6 Incredible Benefits of Eggagen™

Made with Egg Collagen

Separated from egg shells with water. No chemicals. No dead animals.

Targets Root Causes of thinning hair

Scientifically formulated for healthy hair growth

100% Drug-Free

Ingredients supplied by Mother Nature

Thicker, Stronger, Faster-Growing Hair

Clinically tested. Positive results

Results in just 3-6 months

Good things come with consistency and patience

Perfect Combination

Robin's Egg Cap plus Eggagen supplements-synergy at work

Robin's Egg Cap
Benefits of Dual Light
Spectrum Technology.

The Robin's Egg cap harnesses two potent wavelengths boosting nitric oxide levels, combating inflammation, and paving the way for new hair growth. Its groundbreaking Dual Light Spectrum technology requires just 10 minutes daily, replacing lengthy laser treatments and fostering hair growth in both men and women. Embrace this life-changing innovation and awaken your hair growth each and every day.

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Robin's Egg® Outgrows The Competition


Robin's Egg Cap
Faster than Rogaine®
Propecia® and Laser

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