1,000,000+ Units Sold

Ditch The Hassle of Christmas Lights. This Laser Light Show Will Instantly Brighten Your Home This Holiday Season

Ditch the tangled strings, rickety ladders & broken light bulbs this holiday season. Here are 6 reasons why the Star Shower Ultra 9 is quickly becoming America’s favorite holiday lighting system.

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1. No More Dealing With Messy Wires

The holidays are here, which means ‘tis the season to decorate your home - but string lights are a struggle. Worse yet, your home’s appearance is ruined by ugly wires everywhere during the day. The Star Shower Ultra 9 is so easy! Just plug it in, turn it on & your home will be instantly decorated with thousands of lights.

2. Ditch The Ladders

The CDC found that 43% of all holiday decorating related injuries come from those who have fallen off ladders. Star Shower Ultra 9 will immerse your entire home with spectacular red & green lights where no ladder could ever reach.

3. Stop Dealing With Broken Bulbs

The worst part about Christmas lights is that you need to check them all when one bulb breaks. But not anymore! Star Shower Ultra 9 turns on automatically when it gets dark, transforming your home from dull to dazzling with a magical three-dimensional light field of beautiful & crisp bright lights.

4. Save On Your Electricity Bill

Star Shower Ultra 9 not only saves you time during setup, but also money! It’s more energy efficient than a single bulb meaning you can keep more money in your pocket this holiday season.

5. Thousands of Spectacular Red and Green Lights

Celebrate your favorite holidays with an explosion of lights and colors! Star Shower Ultra 9 is the ORIGINAL laser light system that lights up your home with a galaxy of THOUSANDS of striking red and green lights! You can choose from NINE different beautiful & decorative light patterns with three different color and motion combinations!


1,000,000+ Units Sold

6. Millions of Happy Customers

We’ve sold millions of units, and people all over the country are loving the Star Shower Ultra 9!


“I hated to take it down after Christmas. Great for seniors who have a hard time decorating outdoors! Easy!”


“My husband got this because he knows how much I love Christmas lights, and I’ve wanted to try this type of product. It was so easy to set up and looked great. He also didn't want to climb a ladder anymore to hang lights. Problem solved. 2 units covered the entire front of my house.”


“I love that it is so easy to plug in and gives the house a great light show in minutes.”


“The Star Shower 9 is so easy to set up. I have 18 of them spread completely around the house with a mixture of new and old Star Showers. The new Ultra 9's are very bright and seem to throw more lights onto the house. 3 of mine are 6 years old and still working great. Never had a problem with any of them.”


“If you don’t want to hang a bunch of Christmas lights, I would recommend ordering this. Lights up nicely and brings holiday cheer to our home. We love it, and the neighbors said they love looking at my house.”