Atomic Collection

Atomic Beam collection of ultra-bright and durable lighting solutions for outdoors, emergency or anywhere.

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The Solar-Powered, Super-Bright LED Light

Atomic Beam SunBlast Motion Sensor Light

Compact, Wireless Security Camera

Cop Cam by Atomic Beam

Personal Sound Booster Gives You Super Hearing

Magic Ear by Atomic Beam

The Brightest Security Light You’ll Ever Own!

Atomic Angel Motion Activated Cordless LED Light

The Amazing Glare Blocker For Your Car, Truck, Or SUV!

Battle Visor by Atomic Beam

The Astonishingly Bright Lantern!

Atomic Beam Lantern

Rechargeable, Fuel-Free Lighter

Atomic Lighter

Tough-Grade Tactical Flashlight

Atomic Beam Flashlight

Astonishingly Bright Stick-Up Light

Atomic Beam TapLight