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Demonstration of Air Police. Dirty air coming in one side and clean air coming out the other side. Headlines say Permanent Stainless Steel Filter and Latest Ionic Technology
Air Police packaging isolated on white background
Demonstration of Air Police. Before shows box filled with white smoke. After shows box cleared of smoke with Air Police in center. Headline says Quickly & Quietly Removes Unhealthy Particles in the Air
Close-up of stainless steel filter. Finger wipes away black muck that collected on it. Headline says Attracts & Traps Unhealthy Particles
Air Police plugged into an outlet on a blue wall. Nightlight feature is on, lighting up the space. Headline says Built-In ON/OFF Nightlight is Great for Kids Rooms and Bathrooms
Infographic showing Air Police parts. Points out LED Nightlight with ON/OFF switch and stainless steel filter. Measures 8.3" tall, 3.5" wide, and 2.7" from the wall
Before images shows the stainless steel filter black. After image shows a white cloth with black gunk on it and a clean stainless steel filter
Woman's hand is holding Air Police and ready to plug it into an outlet on a tan wall. Headline says Easily Plug Into Any Outlet
Husky laying down on light gray carpet, gray sofa next to it. Deep blue wall with Air Police plugged in. Headline says Dust & Pet Dander
Generic stock images show kitchen, bendroom, bathroom, basement, and a kitten sitting in a litter pan - Air Police to the left. Headline says Get Air Police for Every Room in Your Home
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Air Police Air Purifier

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